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The black Roland A-49 is a fantastic MIDI keyboard, equipped with a comfortable keyboard and a large number of controllers (including D-Beam). It offers a complete package and is surprisingly lightweight.

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The Roland Boutique synthesizers are separate modules, so to transform one into a playable instrument and make it optically complete, the 25-key K25m keyboard is essential.
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The Cakewalk (Roland) A-500PRO is the big brother of the A-300PRO. This USB MIDI keyboard is equipped with 49 touch-sensitive keys and a total of 45 controls, knobs, faders and 8 drum pads.

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If you are looking for a MIDI keyboard/controller for use in your studio or on stage, look no further. The Roland A-300PRO is a perfect MIDI keyboard with 32 touch-sensitive keys and 45 controls.

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The excellent Roland A-49 is a complete, rugged and remarkably light MIDI keyboard. It is equipped with a comfortable, silent keyboard, a D-Beam controller and various other controllers.

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The A-800PRO is the top model of the Roland Pro series. This fantastic USB MIDI keyboard/controller features 61 touch-sensitive keys and sufficient controllers, buttons and knobs for both studio and live applications.

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