Showtec Spectral M800 MKII IPX RGB LED projektor

Showtec Spectral M800 MKII IPX RGB LED projektor Produktnr: 9000-0005-5744 Garantitid: Denna produkt levereras med 3 års garanti.


The Showtec Spectral M800 MKII can be used in all kinds of environments, thanks to its rugged and reliable housing. With a total light yield of 1,094 lumens, without shadows and a with special lens, this armature can produce a great amount of light.

Perfect colour mixing

Thanks to the 14 RGB LED modules, perfect colour mixing can be realised in 16.7 million colour combinations. This RGB LED projector produces a narrow beam angle of 16 degrees and is equipped with an excellent 16-bit dimmer.

Easy navigation

This armature is provided with the Neutrik NC3-HDD IP XLR connectors and convection cooling. The M800 MKII IPX can easily be controlled via the on-board display with menu function. This armature can be controlled via a manual DMX-512 or automatic operating mode in combination with the DMX channel profiles.



  • Antal DMX-kanaler 3, 4, 5, 10
  • Fäste dubbel
  • Färg ljuskälla röd, grön, blå
  • Musikstyrd nej
Strömadapter Europeisk perifer eller jordstiftskontakt

Vikt och mått inkluderar förpackning

  • Vikt (inkl. förpackning) 6,2 kg
  • Mått (inkl. förpackning) 30,0 x 30,0 x 40,0 cm


  • Spectral M800 MKll IPX
  • RGB LED projector
  • 16-bit dimmer
  • convection cooling (no fans required)
  • light source: 14x 3W Tri-LED RGB module
  • light yield: 1,094 lumens
  • dimmer: 0 to 100%
  • stroboscope function: 0-20 Hz
  • beam angle: 16 degrees
  • on-board display with menu function
  • DMX-512, manual and automatic operating modes
  • DMX channel profiles: Tour, TR16, ARC1, AR1.d, AR1.S, HSV
  • housing: aluminium
  • colour: black
  • connectors: DMX in/out (3p and 5p), PowerCon in/out
  • convection cooling (no fans required)
  • operating temperature: -20 to 45 degrees Celsius
  • dimensions: 246 x 202 x 294 mm
  • weight: 4.1 kg


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