Apple iPad Air Smart Cover gul

Apple iPad Air Smart Cover gul Produktnr: 9000-0014-4498 Garantitid: Denna produkt levereras med 3 års garanti.


Enjoy a touch of sunshine every time you use your iPad with this frolicsome yellow smart cover. The rugged polyurethane flap keeps your screen protected from the rigours of daily life, and it also features a soft microfibre interior to keep your screen clean. Smart covers even double as stands so you can easily watch movies, use FaceTime and type. 



  • Väska/fodral fodral
  • Kategori Dator & Surfplattor
  • Färg gul
  • Material polyuretan
  • För iPadtyp iPad Air

Vikt och mått inkluderar förpackning

  • Vikt (inkl. förpackning) 100 gr
  • Mått (inkl. förpackning) 27,0 x 19,0 x 1,0 cm


  • smart cover for iPad Air and iPad Air 2
  • colour: green
  • thin, minimalistic design
  • made of polyurethane
  • magnetic connection with hinges
  • can be used as a stand (e.g. for typing, watching movies or using FaceTime)


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