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Line 6's POD HD Pro X is the latest word on effect and modelling modules. It features world-class amp models and effects combined with even more DSP force.
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9 arbetsdagar
8 150 kr
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6 arbetsdagar
4 065 kr
The Eventide Reverb 2016 houses three, more developed versions of reverb effects from the legendary SP2016: stereo room, room reverb and high density plate. User-friendly and optimized for stage and studio.
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13 arbetsdagar
26 350 kr
The H8000FW is Eventide's most potent processor to date. Armed with 1800 presets for post-production and effects and enough analogue and digital inputs and outputs to furnish professional setups. Includes Firewire.
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13 arbetsdagar
67 580 kr
Eventide's most legendary effects in a single rack unit; the Eventide Eclipse V4.0. Rich and deep algorithms and extensive analogue and digital connections put unrivalled Eventide processing power within easy reach!
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13 arbetsdagar
25 850 kr
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