Reloop Play USB 2.0 DJ audio interface

Reloop Play USB 2.0 DJ audio interface Produktnr: U-PLAY Garantitid: Denna produkt levereras med 3 års garanti.


The Reloop Play is a small but powerful audio interface for DJs. Thanks to its compact dimensions, you can easily take it with you to your DJ gigs.

This 24-bit/96kHz sound card is equipped with a special Hi-gain output, which means extremely high and low frequencies will not distort the sound. The ASIO driver guarantees a low latency.

The Play features a mixer mode, which enables you to route two separate stereo signals to an external mixer. Especially Traktor users will welcome this mixer mode with open arms. The Play also features a controller mode: in that case the master output is directly routed to the headphones output. This controller mode is ideal for laptop DJs who don't have a mixer or other hardware.

Each stereo channel has a separate volume control. A signal LED enables you to monitor for channel overload. The Reloop play is a plug-and-play interface and is compatible with both PC and Mac computers.



  • 19 tum nej
  • Antal analoga ingångskanaler inga
  • Antal analoga utgångskanaler 4
  • Antal digitala ingångskanaler inga
  • Antal digitala utgångskanaler inga
  • AES/EBU I/O nej
  • Datoranslutning USB
  • Lämplig för OS Apple OS X, Microsoft Windows
  • Hörlursutgång Ja
  • Ingångar med Hi-Z nej
  • Maximal samplingshastighet 96 kHz
  • MIDI I/O nej
  • Medföljande programvara nej

Vikt och mått inkluderar förpackning

  • Vikt (inkl. förpackning) 500 gr
  • Mått (inkl. förpackning) 8,0 x 2,0 x 6,5 cm


  • portable DJ audio interface
  • low-latency ASIO drivers
  • 2 stereo RCA outputs
  • 1 stereo jack headphones output
  • for DJs with or without a mixer
  • volume control per channel
  • USB output with fast ASIO drivers
  • with Kensington safety slot
  • 24-bit/96kHz sound quality
  • powered via USB, no power adapter required
  • for Mac and PC

Minimum system requirements PC

  • Windows XP (SP3), Win 7 (32-bit/64-bit)
  • minimum Pentium III / Intel Core Duo, 1 GHz
  • AMD processors not recommended!
  • 512 MB RAM or more

Minimum system requirements Mac

  • OS X 10.5/10.6
  • Intel Core Duo family (only Intel Macs)
  • 512 MB RAM or more


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