Prodector CDJ-900 dammskydd

Prodector CDJ-900 dammskydd Produktnr: 2M-PDC-CDJ900 Garantitid: Denna produkt levereras med 3 års garanti.


If you have a Pioneer CDJ-900, you want to take great care of it. In order to protect your CDJ-900 from dust and moisture, Prodector has developed this CDJ-900 dust cover. It is designed especially for the Pioneer CD player so it will fit perfectly.

The high-quality Prodector dust covers are made of polycarbonate which is a rugged synthetic material that is 250 times more hardwearing than glass of a similiar gauge. This material is also used for safety glasses, helmets and even bullet-proof material. This makes this dust cover the ideal candidate to protect your CD player!



  • Skydd för CD/Media-spelare
  • Dammskydd huva
  • Universell modell nej

Vikt och mått inkluderar förpackning

  • Vikt (inkl. förpackning) 735 gr
  • Mått (inkl. förpackning) 42,0 x 33,0 x 5,5 cm


- protective cap for the CDJ-900
- protects against dust, dirt and moisture e.g.
- luxury smoked glass design


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