Decksaver Pioneer DDJ-Ergo dammskydd

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Decksaver Pioneer DDJ-Ergo dammskydd Produktnr: U-D1016 Garantitid: Denna produkt levereras med 3 års garanti.


The Decksaver Pioneer DDJ-Ergo dust cover expertly keeps your Pioneer DDJ-Ergo free from dust and other dirt. The dust cover has been made to size for the Pioneer MIDI controller and seals it off perfectly, guarding it against harmful external influences. Thanks to the use of the exceptionally strong material polycarbonate, Decksaver has succeeded in creating a slim design that renders dust powerless. Store your gear underneath this dust cover, and dirt won't be able to enter the spaces around your faders and jog wheels.

Decksaver Pioneer DDJ-Ergo dust cover: transparent design

Decksaver has once again managed to combine style and functionality in a single product. The dust cover is made of a transparent material, so you can still show off the great looks of your controller. You won't sustain any nasty scratches from the cover thanks to its rounded corners, and you can easily lift it up and remove it by means of the practical recesses. Play if safe with the Decksaver Pioneer DDJ-Ergo dust cover!



  • Skydd för controller
  • Färg transparent
  • Dammskydd huva
  • Universell modell nej

Vikt och mått inkluderar förpackning

  • Vikt (inkl. förpackning) 760 gr
  • Mått (inkl. förpackning) 55,7 x 3,5 x 44,3 cm


  • sturdy dust cover for Pioneer DDJ-Ergo controller
  • protects the controller from dust and other dirt
  • made of high-grade polycarbonate
  • exceptionally rugged
  • transparent and slim design leaves the controller visible
  • custom fit


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