Decksaver Denon SC2900-SC3900 dammskydd

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Are you looking for the best possible way to keep your Denon SC2900 or SC3900 media player safe from harm? Usually, protective measures don't do much to improve the looks of your gear. Decksaver, however, takes a different approach. The company designs and manufactures dust covers that protect professional audio and DJ gear. From the most happening clubs to aspiring DJs' bedrooms, you'll find their products all over the world. What better endorsement could you wish for? Not only do Decksaver's high-grade transparent covers keep your equipment safe from fluids and dirt, they also boast an elegant look that suits any living room or bedroom. Give your gear the stylish protection it deserves - it's worth it!

The transparent design of the Denon SC2900-SC3900 dust cover

When it comes to combining form and function, Decksaver doesn't mess around. This transparent dust cover leaves your media player visible underneath, and has user-friendly rounded corners to prevent you from hurting yourself. Thanks to its ergonomic recesses, the cover can easily be lifted and replaced. In short, the Decksaver Denon SC2900-SC3900 dust cover allows you to play it safe in a good-looking way!



  • Skydd för CD/Media-spelare
  • Färg transparent
  • Dammskydd huva
  • Universell modell nej

Vikt och mått inkluderar förpackning

  • Vikt (inkl. förpackning) 200 gr
  • Mått (inkl. förpackning) 47,0 x 37,0 x 6,0 cm


  • durable dust cover for Denon SC2900 or SC3900 media player
  • protects your controller against dust and other dirt
  • made of high-grade polycarbonate
  • exceptionally rugged and flexible
  • slim, transparent design leaves the controller visible underneath
  • made to size


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