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Räcker inte USB portarna till? Här är en produkt som löser det. Den här hubben, Transcend TS-HUB3K 4-way USB 3.0, har fyra portar och tack vare USB 3.0-teknologin är den snabb också!
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Are you looking to expand your number of USB3.0 ports? Look no further. The Transcend Hub2 is highly compact and requires no external power supply. All of this comes at an exceptionally attractive price.
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Computers without DVD players are an increasingly more common sight. While this allows for compact laptops, you won't be able to play back or burn CDs and DVD with your computer! The Transcend DVD Writer mends this defect - it allows you to easily read and write CD and DVDs, without the need for any installation procedure.
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These days, most new computers come without a CD or DVD drive. This can be a problem if you need to install software from a CD or want to burn a data disc. Cue the Transcend DVD Writer!
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